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WARNING! Be Leary Of Any Ads Stating One Treatment Will Cure Your Fungal Nails

WARNING #2: Beware of Groupon or Living Social "Deals." Call Us First. We Know ALL The Details!

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Kill Your Nail Fungus and...

Dr. Kahan has treated thousands of nails and YOU can be the next success story.

These "before (B) and after (A)" pictures are MY PATIENTS. IF YOU SEE THESE ANYWHERE ELSE, THEY WERE COPIED FROM ME. These nails represent various stages of the treatment process. Everyone's results will vary and the length of time for regrowth of your new nail will vary as well.

toe laser before & after

Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me about your Guarantee:

After 4+ years of treating fungus with the laser I have come to realize that not everyone with nail fungus will benefit from the laser. I can also safely state a fact that the effectiveness of ANY fungal laser is not 80% or greater as touted by many laser providers. That's where my personal treatment philosophy and guarantee come in. Since I cannot laser treat everyone and have to turn so many people away, I had to devise a treatment protocol that would be effective at least 80% of the time. I have now refined my treatment protocol to accomplish that goal. It requires a lot of work on my behalf when I treat you...if you qualify! I will still turn many of you away, both of us unhappy that the laser just will not be of benefit to you. You may have alternatives for treatment and we will discus those also. My guarantee is quite simple. If you qualify for treatment and you follow my treatment plan 100% (okay, even 95%), I guarantee that within 12 months you will be ecstatic with the way your nails look, or I will issue a refund for every nail that does not clear.

Why do I see GROUPON specials any so many "DEALS" for Fungus Laser Treatment?

Toe Fungus Lasers have been around now for 7+ years. They are no longer on trial. They do work when the physician who is evaluating your particular situation understands the laser's limitations. NO LASER WILL WORK 80% OF THE TIME! Sorry, DO NOT believe what you read. If I laser treated EVERY patient that called my office, I would estimate no greater than a 50% success rate (defined as acceptable, partial clearing of the nail plate). The other 50% would be on YELP chewing my A** off for being immoral and a money hungry pig! So with that being said, the only issue with laser treatment is the INTEGRITY of the office offering the treatment. GROUPON discounts are usually for 1 treatment and if you call the providers office they will explain that additional treatments will be required and offered at a significant "discount." I can safely say that their "discounted" offer combined with their GROUPON will still be more than my 3-5 treatment price and they will also treat EVERYONE that calls. Integrity is what makes us different.

IF YOU ARE SATISFIED WITH MY EXPLANATION ABOVE THEN YOU SHOULD BE READY TO CALL MY OFFICE TO SEE IF I CAN HELP YOU. Juanita, Marcia or Amber will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.916-487-2383

How does the laser work?

The Laser kills the fungus that lives in and under the toenail by use of 1320nm infrared light. The laser light passes through the toenail without causing damage to the nail or the surrounding skin. The Cool Touch Laser uses temperature monitoring to ensure safe treatment of the nail with minimal to no discomfort.

How soon will I see results? (This question applies to ALL lasers currently in use)

At the time of the procedure, the toenail will not become instantly clear. It will take time for the previously infected nail(s) to grow out and the new nail to form. This can take 6 to 12 months depending on the rate of growth of the toenail. The average toenail grows 1-2mm monthly. Often times you will see early clearing of the nail as it regrows (as soon as 8 weeks).

Is there a way to tell if I am a good candidate for treatment and if I qualify?

This is one of the best questions I have ever been asked. The truth of the matter is that not everyone that needs laser treatment is a candidate for treatment. You may fill out my laser nail fungus email analysis form and I will have a much better idea of the condition of your nails. Also, it may be necessary to send a sample of your nail to confirm whether there is a fungal infection or not. A thick or discolored nail is not always caused by fungus.

Do I really need to have all my nails treated?

ABSULUTELY NOT! I may be the Lone Ranger when it comes to this philosophy, but if you have had nail fungus on one nail for the past 10 years and it hasn't infected the other nails yet, I think it's pretty safe to say the others will not be infected any time soon. Also, by treating only the infected nails keeps the cost of treatment very affordable.

How many treatments will I need?

A 3-5 treatment protocol is recommended to effectively treat the nails.

Is there any possible relationship between diet and nail fungus?

Many of us may realize that when patients have athletes foot (tinea or onychomycosis), the fungus/yeast feeds off of the high carbohydrate diet. We tell our patients to limit their carbs (white sugar, flour, white rice, alcohol) to less than 25% of your daily calories. This of course is great advice for virtually any of us since it leads us to eating more real food like fruits & vegetables! What a concept.

Is there any preparation I need to do before my appointment?

There is no specific preparation for the procedure other than the removal of any nail polish or nail decorations the day of or the day before. On the day of the procedure Dr. Kahan may file down the nails with a mechanical burr to reduce thickness of the infected nail and to remove any loose nail debris caused by the fungus.

Will the fungus (onychomycosis) come back?

Fungus is an infectious organism. Dr. Kahan will recommend precautions and treatments to help avoid reinfection. We strongly recommend continued topical treatment and anti-fungal shoe spray to help minimize reinfection. With any nail treatment, including oral medications there is a chance of reinfection because fungus is present throughout the environment.

Is the CoolBreeze laser FDA cleared?

First off it is very important to understand the meaning of "FDA Clearance." FDA Clearance has NO bearing on the devices safety or effectiveness (see FDA details here). There are currently NO FDA Approved Laser devices specifically for toenail fungus. The CT3PLUS is FDA cleared to market for dermatological general surgery, hemostasis, ablation, wrinkle reduction, mild to moderate acne vulgaris & acne scarring. Currently it is under clinical investigation for onychomycosis (nail fungus).

Is this covered by my insurance?

This is a non-covered treatment service by insurances as it is considered a cosmetic procedure. However, most insurance companies will cover your initial consultation for the evaluation and proper diagnosis of your condition. Normal co-pays will apply. The cost of the procedure may be applied towards a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings account (HSA) as a medical expense. If you do not have insurance coverage the evaluation visit cost is $75. We also accept most VISA/MC and Discover cards and offer Care Credit with the option for interest free financing.

Who performs the laser procedure?

ONLY Dr. Kahan performs the laser procedure. Not all nail fungus is the same and therefore every treatment will require his expertise to determine the best protocol to produce the best results.

Do you have any other questions?

Please Contact The Office or call, 916-487-2383, if you have any other questions or concerns.

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CoolBreeze Patient Reviews:

Feb, 2012..."Dr. Kahan just gave me a fourth treatment. He just wanted to be sure that all 8 digits are, in fact, cured. He didn't even charge me! Even he had been pessimistic that he'd be able to cure all 8 of them, but it looks like he worked that miracle! I also found out that, as of March 1st, they are moving the office to 2 Scripps Drive in Sacramento. I'm not sure when the Yelps listing (or his website) will be updated, so I wanted to mention it." Fred H., Sacramento

Jan, 2012..."Dr. Kahan told me up front that he didn't think I would see good results with my awful nails. I decided to treat them anyway. Wow! I am surprised how much they have improved. They will never look great, but compared to 6 months ago, I am impressed." Tom D., Sacramento

10.31.2011..."I was very happy with the results that I saw and Dr. Kahan's willingness to continue working with me until the desired results were achieved. He didn't just stop with the three treatments mentioned in the ad but continued to treat for over 10 months to insure my nails were as I wanted them."

9.15.2010..."I HAD toenail fungus. Dr. Kahan told me "there isn't anyone who will work harder for you". I believed him and so glad I did. Every week I can see the nail growing out. I am so excited to have NORMAL nails again." ...Read More Here

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